An Institutional Approach to Real Estate Entrepreneurship

Timberlane is a real-estate investment firm defined by a unique combination of institutional finance experience, a family history in commercial property ownership, and a desire to innovate wherever possible. We take exceptional pride in our properties, and aspire to own, operate, and develop the most forward-thinking communities in our markets.

here's what makes us different

Adding Value with Leverage

Compelling Risk Reward

Timberlane uses its strong track record to secure high-leverage, non-recourse financing. This enables us to deliver excellent risk-adjusted returns. Multiple properties sold in 2014 with 50%+ IRRs to our investors.

Open-Book Investing

Conservative Approach to Underwriting

Timberlane is not a blind-pool fund. Rather, we operate much like a family office placing a huge priority on frequent, detailed, and realistic communication with our small group of investors. This approach is inherently conservative, since we require true "buy-in" to our assumptions by our partners each and every time we pursue a property.