Institutional Discipline and Entrepreneurial Spirit

John Chaffetz and David Enslow founded Timberlane in 2011 to acquire, improve, and operate cashflow properties in the Puget Sound region. As the first round of investments began to perform, the business quickly expanded into value-add plays. They started to create superior returns and more compelling stories by turning run-of-the-mill rental properties into special assets by taking some risks with aesthetics, strategy, and marketing. Now, as Timberlane is branching out into the Salt Lake City and Los Angeles markets, the team aspires to innovate further by making cultural stewardship, excellence in design and, affordability without compromise, a key element of future endeavors.

John Chaffetz

John has extensive experience as a financial analyst, investment professional, and entrepreneur. He started his professional career at Morgan Stanley, working on proprietary investments for the Commodities trading business. He evaluated and executed acquisitions on behalf of the company across a range of energy sectors, including E&P, shipping, carbon credit trading, oil midstream and services, and refining.

Upon leaving Morgan Stanley, John moved to Seattle, where he worked on a variety of entrepreneurial projects, i.e., an iPhone App development company and a proposed online magazine. In 2011, he partnered with Dave to make investments in multi-family real estate.

John is a graduate of Harvard University.

David Enslow

Dave has owned and operated multi-family properties in Washington State for over 15 years and, has managed his family's real estate business since 2001.

Dave has established a track record of value creation through NOI improvement; achieved with a hands-on focus on expense management, tenant quality, and physical upgrades. As the owner of Timberlane Construction, he also brings expertise as a contractor to his properties which has proven to be an invaluable resource.

Dave graduated from the University of Washington.